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A Star (Blog) is Born

It's happening.

I've finally corralled Joe to do some content with me, because that's what the internet needs; more content.

Will this blog have any thematic consistency? No.

Will this blog make you laugh? Maybe.

Will this blog be about the friends you made along the way? Undoubtedly.

I'm terrified of doing things on my own, hence why I rarely get shit done, so when Joe agreed to do this blog with me I was ecstatic. Generally, these musings and absolutely moronic conversations are held within the blue boxes of an IPhone Message; that was until today. From here on out if Joe and I want to speak to each other we do it the old fashioned (2000's) way. We blog at each other.

Maybe the topics will be...

Best Hot Dip To Eat In Summer When It's Totally Not Hot Dip Season


A breakdown of the top toilet paper brands


A written version of a rant that I could have done on the podcast but instead preferred to let loose here.

To be quite honest, I don't really care if anyone reads our blog because its for us. I need to write more and Joe and I have always shared a mutual brain space for the ridiculous that is our lifeblood.

So. That being said; subscribe to our blog. Read along with us. There won't be any sort of consistency with the schedule, at times it might be painful, but the real blog is the friends you made along the way.


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